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Spring Hockey

Maulers Families,

Even though we have a LOT of hockey to play in the current Fall season with the conclusion of the NIHL or NSYHL regular season and hopefully some deep playoff runs for many of our teams, we wanted to put out a quick note about our spring hockey season as we have begun to get those questions. 

The Maulers will, once again, run a spring hockey program that will begin in mid-March and run through the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.  As in the past, our spring program will consist generally of one practice and one game per week and the practices will be entirely skills based practices run by our travel coaches.  We plan to field teams at the Squirt, Peewee, Bantam and Midget age levels. Because of the different governing body (AAU), the mite team will be run out of Rinkside under the Predators umbrella.  Our philosophy regarding spring hockey continues to be based on the idea that spring is an opportunity to stay on the ice in a more limited capacity for those who want it, but we continue to strongly encourage our young athletes to participate in other sports during this time.  The spring program is designed to allow our players to do just that. 

 As with other contact/collision sports, ice hockey is classified as a late specialization sport. Hockey players don’t reach their full potential until after full growth maturity. Specialization at an early age limits children from acquiring a broad spectrum of athletic movements and skills that may limit or put a cap on their overall athletic potential. When players specialize too early they can create imbalances in musculature, increase the potential for burnout and limit their athletic potential by not developing a broad base of athleticism.

Pete Carroll, former USC and now Seattle Seahawks Football coach, says hereThe first questions I’ll ask about a kid are, ‘What other sports does he play?...”  (

In order to help encourage participation in other sports, the Maulers attempt to keep costs low for spring hockey; we realize that it is an expensive sport and adding other sports on top of it can be cost prohibitive.  We also realize that there are some families and players who are seeking an additional level of skills development during the spring season so we are working with both BTE (synthetic ice skills training company) and PADS (Goalie development company), both of whom travel work with during the fall season, to offer programs to our players on an ala carte basis. 

We hope to have details on the Spring season costs as well as the additional training opportunities described above available in the next week or so.  But for now, let’s focus on a successful end to our Fall Season and GOOD LUCK TO ALL MAULERS TEAMS down the stretch!


Craig Bewick
President, Maulers Hockey Association

posted 01/30/2015
Congratulations Pee Wee White

Congratulations to Pee Wee White for their Championship win in the Big Chill tournament over the MLK weekend.

posted 01/28/2015
Congrats Squirt Silver

Congratulations to Squirt White for taking home their second Championship win in a Big Bear tournament this season. 

The team took first place in the Squirt A Division in the Big Chill over the MLK weekend.



posted 01/28/2015
Congrats Bantam Black

Congratulations to Bantam Black for runner-up in the Big Bear Big Chill Tournament in Michigan.



posted 01/28/2015
Congratulations to Coach Phil

posted 01/20/2015
AHAI December Photo Contest


Out of over 230 photos entered in the AHAI's December photo Contest the photo of our Mauler Pee Wee Black's, Jack Board helping his injured teammate Sami Lutsch across the ice finished 3rd. 

posted 01/20/2015
Feed My Starving Children

All Maulers Hockey Charity Event:

Maulers Hockey Families,

On Thursday, January 8 and Wednesday, February 4, 2015 we are helping out and packing food at an organization called Feed My Starving Children in Libertyville for the second year in a row.  Spots to volunteer are hard to come by and usually fill up fast. I have secured 268 spots on 1/8 and 247 spots on 2/4 for our organization, including players, their families, and friends.  This should include our Eagles’ and Predators’ families and friends.   Please invite anyone who is interested in helping out.  We will have 2 time slots on each of the days (6:00 PM – 7:30 PM and 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM).  Let’s do our best to fill every spot. 

With the successful growth of or program, it has become impossible to find a date where every team could participate at the same time.  With that in mind, an idea was brought up to do two separate days of giving.  Not being as easy as it sounds, I was able to secure the only 2 days possible between the beginning of 2015 and the start of the NIHL playoffs.  According to the posted schedule on the Maulers website, you should be able to join one if not both dates without a hockey conflict. 

It is recommended that the Kindergarten age be the youngest age to participate.  In continuing with The Positive Coaching Alliance, I believe that life lessons will be learned by all who partake.  Please sign up to volunteer by December 20th.  On December 21st, I will release the hold on our spots.  It would be great to fill all of these spots with our family and friends to make this an “All Maulers” event.

About Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)

Feed My Starving Children is a Christian nonprofit hunger relief organization dedicated to feeding God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit. Feed My Starving Children provides a world-class volunteer opportunity for students, parents, families, businesses, and churches. During a packing session, you will be engaged in high-energy, tangible service to the neediest children and families on the planet.

The Hard Facts:

  • Hungry people right now = 1 billion
  • Children who die EVERY DAY from starvation = 18 Thousand

Packing Statistics:

  • Cost per meal = 22 cents 
  • Meals Per Box = 216
  • Cost per box $50
  • The typical volunteer will pack 216 meals per session


Please see below for the links to the FMSC website and directions on how to sign up for a time slot.  Each time slot has a code:

  • 588242 for the Jan 8 - 6:00 PM-7:30 PM time slot
  • 588244 for the Jan 8 - 8:00 PM-9:30 PM time slot
  • 598438 for the Feb 4- 6:00 PM-7:30 PM time slot
  • 598443 for the Feb 4- 8:00 PM-9:30 PM time slot


Click here to go to the FMSC website and register.  

Click here for the instructions on how to register.  


Please check the FMSC website for allergy information and jewelry policy.


John Berthiaume
Vice President
Maulers Hockey Association Board of Directors 

by posted 12/01/2014
NIHL Academic Excellence

"Academic Excellence Program"

Supported by:
The Chicago Wolves

All 2014 / 2015 NIHL players are encouraged to participate in this seasons

“Academic Excellence” Program.

To Qualify:

All NIHL rostered 1st through 8th grade players must earn and submit a straight “A” report card, in all subjects ( except for Phys. Ed.), for a minimum of one grading period. Numeric A” Grade Equivalents will also be accepted. All NIHL rostered High School age players must earn a minimum of a “B” honor roll recognition for at least one grading period.

All qualifying report cards must be submitted by mail to:

Chicago Wolves, NIHL Academic Excellence
Attn: Rob Newburg
2301 Ravine Way, Glenview, IL. 60025


All qualifying participants will be recognized on the NIHL website and receive two ( 2 ) free tickets to a Chicago Wolves Hockey game. Game dates are Sun., April 12th @ 4 PM, Sat., April 18th @ 7 PM, and Sun., April 19th @ 4 PM. In addition, all High School age qualifying participants will receive a “Making the Grade” plaque.

All submissions for this year’s program shall include:

1. A copy of the Report card.
2. The Participant’s name, NIHL Club name, & Team name.
3. A Completed ticket order

Deadline:  All report cards must be received by April 1st, 2015.

Click here to print this information



posted 11/06/2014
Congrats Bantam White


Congratulations to the Bantam White for an outstanding effort and their 2nd Place finish in the Chicago Fall Classic

posted 10/28/2014
Congrats Squirt White

Big congratulations to Squirt White for their Big Bear tournament championship in St Louis this weekend. The team went 4-0 and defeated the Affton Americans in the final to claim the tournament victory.

posted 10/16/2014
Congrats to Pee Wee Black


Congrats to Peewee Black who returned home from the Fort Wayne Pre-season Classic with Runner-Up hardware in the Peewee AA division. 

posted 10/16/2014
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posted 01/04/2013
Safety Video -- USA Hockey's Heads Up, Don't Duck

USA Hockey unveiled a new Heads Up, Don’t Duck instructional video featuring Olympians Jenny Potter and Ryan Suter.

The Heads Up, Don’t Duck safety initiative dates back to 1996 and is aimed at reducing spinal cord and other debilitating injuries.

“Dr. Ashare, the current chair of our safety and protective committee, helped launch this important program nearly two decades ago,” said Dr. Michael Stuart, chief medical officer of USA Hockey. “The basic premise of the program has not changed, however, we created this updated video piece to ensure that every player and coach understands the importance of keeping your head up.”

“We’ve been out in front on safety issues over the course of our history,” said Dave Ogrean, executive director of USA Hockey. “Heads Up, Don’t Duck has long been one of our signature safety programs and is part of our broad SafeSport program that addresses both on and off-ice safety of our participants.”

AHAI strongly encourages all parents and coaches at all levels of hockey to have their players watch this HEADS UP – DON’T DUCK VIDEO at least twice every season to help reduce the risk of a catastrophic injury.

posted 12/13/2012
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